From the Cispanane Republic to the Cisalpine Repubblic

After the sign of the preliminary peace agreements with Austria, Napoleon decides the union of Lombardia and Emilia Romagna territories: on July 9th, the Cisalpine Republic is created with the merger of the Transpadane and Cispadane Republics. On May 11, 1798 the Cisalpine Republic adopts with a decree its own flag: “The flag of the Cisalpine nation is formed by three bands parallel to the flagpole, with the green band next to the pole, the next band being white, and the third band being red”.
This decision however, is often disregard and for a long time afterwards the three colours position is variable.
In the spring 1799, the victorious advance of the Austro Russian armies forces French troops to retreat. On May 3, Reggio is occupied by Austrian troops, destroying the freedom tree and replacing the Cisalpine tricolour flag with the black and yellow imperial flag on the top of the Town Hall. Napoleon’s victory at Matengo changes again the situation: Austrian troops leave Piemont and Lombardy and the Cisalpine Republic is re-established. The peace of Luneville between France and Germany is celebrated at Reggio Emilia too with a great patriotic festival that features a monumental architectural structure built in Piazza Grande as scene backdrop.


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