Tricolour Flag Museum
Italia Tricolore (The Risogimental Hall)

In the Italia Tricolour Hall are displayed materials that extend from the Restoration to the completion of the national unit and until 1897, the year of the first Centenary of the Tricolour Flag, which culminated with the famous speech by Giosuè Carducci. With the Restoration, the national flag is banned. The Tricolour flag is not raised again until the 1831 insurrection in the Duchies and in the Papal State. Following the resulting repression in 1831, which signals the failure of the conspirational methods of the Carbonari, Giuseppe Mazzini adopted the white, red and green Tricolour flag for his Young Italy.

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    In the first half of the 1840s, a new chapter in Italy’s political History begins. Pius X, the new Pope, together with Carlo Alberto, is hailed as the liberator of Italy, and his face is associated more and more often with the Tricolour on flags, cockades, scarves and bandanas. In the revolutionary season of 1848-1849, they resurface in many areas of Italy as symbols of freedom from foreign oppression. Tricolour flags flow again in many Italian cities in 1859 and 1860, and they accompany Garibaldi’s expedition of the Thousand.
    On March 25,1860, a royal decree fixes the characteristics of the new flag of the Sardinian Army: the Tricolour flag, with the addition of a crown above the coat of arms of the House of Savoy Family. This flag is confirmed after the Kingdom of Italy is proclaimed on march 17, 1861 and it also takes part in subsequent events that are fundamental in Italian history: the Third war of Independence (1866) and the capture of Porta Pia (1870), with the resulting displacement of the capital from Florence to Rome.
    The flag, in virtually unchanged form, remained with these characteristics until the referendum in 1946, which leads to the birth of the Republic of Italy.
    On January 7, 1947, demonstrations honouring the 150th anniversary of the flag take place in Reggio Emilia, with President Enrico De Nicola attending.
    On January 7, 2011, celebration for the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unity begins in the “City of the Tricolore flag” and are attended by President Giorgio Napolitano.


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