Reggio Emilia, city of the Tricolore

In 1897 the demonstrations honouring the one hundred anniversary of the flag, were particularly important and solemn in Reggio Emilia Giosuè Carducci during his famous speech in the Town Hall entrance, where a commemorative stone plaque was exposed, encouraged Italian people to go back to the Risorgimento ideals, symbolized by the Tricolore flag. This celebration caused a considerable stir and made Reggio Emilia to be more and more considered as the “City of the Tricolore”.
On January 7, 1947, demonstrations honouring the one hundred-fiftieth anniversary of the flag took place in Reggio Emilia , with President Enrico De Nicola attending in an enthusiastic fervour due to the reborn democracy in Italy after the second world war. In the poster published on this occasion is written: “The Tricolore flag, after fifty years, is the symbol of the Republic once again, as the Deputies of the Congresso Cispadano have established once…”. The historian Luigi Salvatorelli, during the official speech, remembered that the Tricolore flag “…had been consecrated again by the Patriots’ insurrection, the Partisans and Italian soldiers’ blood, fighting against Nazi-fascism during the liberation war”.


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