Spallanzani collection
Collezione Spallanzani

In 1799, when Lazzaro Spallanzani died, “his little collection of natural products”, kept at his birth house in Scandiano, was purchased by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. It consists of zoology, particularly specimens of marine life, palaeontological, mineral, lithological and botanic products, together with furnishing accessories such as paintings, tables and ornaments, showing his various and rich fields of interest. Since 1830 the collection has been kept as it was for over two centuries, in Palazzo dei Musei.
The current configuration of the collection is essentially based on a reordering by Alfredo Jona in 1883, according to the Linnaeus system used in the late 1700s. In a first hall, personal pieces and furnishings are displayed together with plant specimens, while in a second hall the remaining items of the collection from the animal and mineral kingdoms are arranged in order in 21 showcases.


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